The English Theatre

On Tuesday 15 May, Vienna’s English Theatre acted out a play called “A Family Affair” for the third and fourth forms at the NMS/NMMS Rattenberg.

The play was about 60 minutes long, and it showed the story of Zainab, a Syrian teenage refugee girl, and Danny, a boy who attends the Bournemouth High School in the UK.

After the war in Syria had broken out, Zainab’s mother and brother were killed in a bomb attack. So Zainab and her father fled to England, where she meets Danny. Danny’s mum, Miss Morris, a drama and English teacher, and Zainab’s father, Mr. Habib, get along very well, but Zainab and Danny try to split them up because they don’t want a new mother or father. In the end the kids accept that their parents are dating. Mr. Habib and Mrs. Morris get married and Danny and Zainab become step brother – and sister.

If you want to find out more about Vienna’s English Theatre you can check out their website called

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